Bringing Groups together In the Alberni Valley To Effect Constructive Progress



To retrofit existing housing in order to increase the number of houses in the Alberni Valley that have a maximized energy efficiency and minimized carbon footprint.




1. To purchase and retrofit houses for resale that meet the following criteria:

Structurally sound and suited to achieving a maximum energy efficiency as the result of a retrofit process

Buildings whose life can be extended substantially as a result of the retrofit process

Must present a financially viable investment opportunity

2. To promote net zero housing design for new construction.

3. To facilitate community education about energy efficient housing.

5. To provide training opportunities in the construction of energy    efficient housing.

5. To fulfill a support role by assisting in gathering information about funding and energy efficient building practices.



Alberni Valley Transition Town

Upcoming Events

Alberni Low Energy Housing Society

Affiliated with the Alberni Valley Transition Town initiative, the society aims to promote energy-efficiency in house construction as a way of mitigating the possible challenges posed by climate change and peak oil.


First Meeting held at Ruttan's on Monday, December 14 with four prospective members present...